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Willow Moon Healing Event at Beautify




Wednesday June 21st at 6:30pm

About this class/workshop

Come rest and recharge at Beautify on Wednesday June 21st at 6:30pm. 

You will be held and nurtured with the beauty of sound combined with hands on energy work.

Amy Potter, Elaine Muise and Leslie Peterson from Willow Moon will work together to create a truly magical experience filled with love, support and healing. 

Amy will use Crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, a gong, a drum and more to pull you out of your mind, out of your body and bathe you in these sweet sounds and vibrations. Our bodies hold onto so much from our present daily lives, to our past lives that needs to be released. The vibrations and frequencies act like therapy without words, helping to untangle, move forward, and clear these things within us while transporting you to a space that allows for compete relaxation.

Elaine and Leslie will provide hands on energy healing throughout elevating this experience. Hands on healing with help you to sink even deeper into relaxation and healing while providing you with the feeling of being held, nurtured and loved. Both Elaine and Leslie practice using multiple energetic healing modalities, they will be intuitively lead letting source guide them giving each individual what is needed for their highest good.

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Your Instructor

Leslie, Elaine & Amy

Leslie, Elaine & Amy

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