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Transformational Breathwork Journey With Amy




Wednesday September 20th 6:30-8pm

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Connective Breathing, Transformational Breathing, Re-birthing. These are all some of the descriptions used to describe the type of breathwork I want to share with you.  Breathing is the first things and one of the very last things we do while Earthside. We are powerful humans and our breath drives that power.   

This is a working class. Yes, you will leave feeling amazing but for about 30 minutes you will work. Breathwork is just that; working your breath. If you come with an open mind, open heart and give it your all, you may have an extremely profound life changing experience.

Lose yourself

Crack yourself open

Release trauma

Release energetic blocks

Release anxiety

Find yourself

I am honored to hold a safe space for you to have a profound healing experience. Join me in this group Transformational Breathwork Journey.

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Your Instructor

Amy Potter

Amy Potter

Co-Owner of Willow Moon, Registered Nurse, Energy Practitioner, Reiki Master, Practitioner of Sound Healing, Practitioner of Vibrational Therapy, Breathwork Facilitator.

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