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Angel Gossip With Angel Amy




Wednesday August 16th 6-730pm

We all know gossip is NOT a good thing. It’s talk about a person that is not present in the moment. But when the angels are involved the “talk” is always fun and uplifting! Angels have your best interests at heart. Your agenda is their agenda! So on behalf of the Angels, Angel Amy wants to spread positive gossip! Angel Amy will connect to your angels and channel a teaching that is applicable to the group. Topic to be determined moments before Angel Amy begins. You will leave feeling hopeful, motivated and inspired.

Your Instructor

Angel Amy

Angel Amy

My name is Angel Amy. I have access to all things energetic. Deep within all of us is a beautiful bright soul. It’s my mission to connect as many people as possible to their inner light. Through this connection, one is able to form a relationship to the universe, to light, and to find a deeper connection within themselves. In each session, I bring a supportive, yet nurturing approach to life’s pressing issues. I guide you towards your soul and draw your attention towards self-awareness. Through this soul connection, I see all of your radiant potential from the inside out. I assist you in seeing what you are not able to see or perceive on your own. Through the wisdom of the angels, and the law of attraction, I assist you in manifesting what is in alignment with your highest good. Through the command of your angels, I offer guidance, wisdom, direction and advice. I get to the root of all things and provide a truthful, honest path of direction by ushering in a new energetic recipe for success. I truly wish greatness for all that cross my path.

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