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Light Language Activation




Sunday September 24th 10am - 12:30pm

Sign for Light Language Activation

Activate your soul's unique light language.

Light Language is a frequency-first language; It bypasses the logical ego-mind and transmits the pure frequencies of the soul. Your soul wants to be expressed! Activating the remembering of your soul's language allows you to re-align fully to its frequency, opeing the lines of communication so that you can mre clearly hear and feel its guidance. It also tends to result in more feelings of joy, bliss, and wholeness!

During this class, we will discusslight language & how it can be used, we will perform a vow clearing to undo past vows we may have taken to silence our magic, then we will connect with our Soul & I AM prsence to activate the direct pathways of communication between our human selves and our soul. The activation will be facilitated by my medicine drum and a guided experiential meditation, followed by the opportunity to blissfully share our soul's language with one another.

Together, we will decide on a date to have a follow-up 1 hour zoom call where you can ask any questions, share any experiences and share some more light language with one another!

Exchange is $188

Your Instructor

Alycia Steele

Alycia Steele

Owner Of Grounding Light Healing

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