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How We Got Here

Willow Moon is an energetic collective creation of Elaine Muise, Leslie Peterson, and Amy Potter. This women owned business was founded in 2020 in Danvers Ma. One of WM's goals is to help raise the vibration of the collective by supporting each persons individual journey. We offer a variety of approaches to achieve and maintain this high vibrational frequency. Whether you are experiencing pain or simply want to improve your physical and mental wellbeing, Willow Moon provides a safe and friendly healing environment to do so.

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The Willow Moon Collective

We are here to support you

Leslie with Willow Tree Wellness

Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, IET, Polarity Practitioner


Registered Nurse, Energy Practitioner, Reiki Master, Practitioner of Sound Healing, Practitioner of Vibrational Therapy


Sacred Heart Fire, Reiki Master Teacher, IET, Polarity

Karen with Inner Grace Wellness

Massage Therapist and Channel of the Golden Light of Healing

Gina Ramos with The Intuitive Hypnotist

QHHT and Reiki Practitioner

Healthy Eating
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Moon Circle

Join us Saturday October 8th at 7pm $22

Gather in person for sacred full moon circle, designed to give yourself permission to recharge, reset and relax.  Journey inward knowing you are not alone.  You are in community and deeply supported. Each circle is unique, you can expect meditation, sound bowl(s), card pulling and Aha moments.  You will leave feeling inner peace and purpose.  Hope to see you at one!


Sacred Healing Fusion

Monday  October 3rd 6:30pm

A heart centered healing transmission

Join Elaine Muise & Alycia Steele as they fuse together the energies of Sacred Heart Fire Healing, and Light Language Sound Healing. 

Elaine will provide hands on healing, channeling the Sacred Heart Fire Energy * Sacred Heart Fire Healing is a channeling of the divine, unconditional love, and compassion gifted through Mary Magdalene, Jesus and Mother Mary. It is a powerful fusion of the Divine Feminine and Masculine energy, while being held in unconditional love by the Divine Mother.

While you are being nurtured and held by Elaine, Alycia will be filling the room with the sound of the singing bowl & Light Language. *Light Language is the language of the soul’s purest essence. It comes through in a way that bypasses the mind and ego, so the current of energy underlying the words are received directly by the soul. These divine frequencies have the ability to upgrade our entire being; to aid us in liberation from old patterning, activate dormant parts of us, and more.

sound bath.HEIC

Sound Bath

Wednesday October 5th 7pm-8pm $22

Join Amy for a Sound Bath!

What is a Sound Bath you might ask? There is no water or tubs involved, just you and your mat. Imagine you are laying cozy on your mat and “bathed” in the beautiful sound of crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs, drums, chimes and more. You will be immersed in their rhythmic sound. Together the sound and vibrations will fill the space pulling you out of your head and into your body.

Amy invites you to come as you are with an open mind and open heart. Allow yourself to let go of expectations and just experience “being”. Trust that you will receive whatever is needed for you in this moment; for your greatest good.

This class will be 1 hour in length, it will begin with a brief meditation to help settle the body and become present. Then we let the sound do all the work.  Our bodies hold onto so much from our present daily lives, to our past lives which we may be totally unaware of that needs to be released. The vibrations and frequencies act like therapy without words, helping to untangle, move forward, and clear these things within us.

Amy looks forward to sharing this beautiful healing practice with you.

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Shamanic Journey

Sunday October 9th 10:30am-1pm

Journey with Alycia Steele as she and her drum guide you into the Lower World to connect with your Spirit Team. Find out what wisdom and guidance they have been waiting to share with you.  
During this workshop, we will take 2 journeys with the intention of developing a working relationship with our Spirit Guides & our Inner Wisdom. The rhythm of the drum has been used for centuries around the world to connect human beings to the spirit world. It’s beat brings the gift of carrying you into a trance-like state, where you have easier access to your higher self & spirit guides. 
Come prepared with a yoga mat, eye cover, journal, and anything else you’ll need to be comfy laying down. 
Beginners welcome.


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